Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sunday Blessings 158

(1) A call from my daddy

(2) Zumba!!!!

(3) Registering for Festival of Homiletics

(4) Texting with MW

(5) A great circle Bible study

(6) Having supper with one of our residents at the nursing home.

(7) Receiving an unexpected gift in the mail.

(8) #fmfparty and #slatespeak

(9) KL and I going to Classic Rock Coffee to hear J Davis Poetry

(10) Watching the If: Gathering online

(11) Super Bowl commercials

(12) Glow sticks

(13) Visiting with some of our members


  1. I love reading your list of blessings! Have a beautiful week.

  2. Hope you are feeling better after your flu. Thank you for pointing us to gratitude weekly.

    1. I am. And you're welcome.


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