Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sunday Blessings 153

(1) A great chat with FH

(2) Texting with my faves

(3) Knoephla soup

(4) Playing Rook with the family

(5) Getting our cars free of ice

(6) Time with grandma and grandpa

(7) Dumplings

(8) Making it home safely

(9) Voxing with KA

(10) Texting with MW and TM

(11) Snow shoveling angels! Thanks RT!

(12) Good Earth chai tea

(13) Binge watching Fuller House

(14) A quiet NYE at home

(15) Flying solo at church

(16) Brunch with great church peeps

(17) A gift of a bucket of fruit


  1. I love reading your blessings! I have never heard of the soup you had. Hope it was good.

    1. Thanks Mary! The soup is a German soup.


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