Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Blessings 149

(1) YouthWorkers gathering

(2)Guest posting on one of my fave blogs. Thanks #SlateSpeak peeps!

(3) A phone call from my momma

(4) A sweet gift in my mail

(5) REM Thanksgiving Lunch

(6) Running into KM and KM at Target

(7) Sweet friends who leave me sweet comments.

(8) Tangled

(9) Threepeat chili champion

(10) Playing with AH

(11) Getting to see ST and KG

(12) Visiting with D and M

(13) New LLR Carly

(14) Time with E.G.

(15) Kleenex

(16) Spending Thanksgiving with E.G./GG and their family.

(17) A surprise piece of mail from EG

(18) Texting with JS

(19) Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

(20) The beginning of Advent

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