Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Blessings 122

(1) A call from my momma

(2) Talking to Uncle T on the phone

(3) Visiting with the Curves ladies

(4) LCM soup Tuesday--visiting with some of the students

(5) Picking up goodies from a member to take to soup Tuesday.

(6) Spring rain

(7) Both of the books I ordered have shipped.

(8) A great Confirmation class about Baptism

(9) Someone asking me if I'm losing weight.

(10) Hugs from RT and CT

(11) A check in the mail

(12) Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.

(13) Bible study at one of the local nursing homes.

(14) Voxing with MG

(15) MH helping me out and taking FLC kids to Camp Metigoshe this weekend.

(16) Lunch with a neighbor friend and her family who I haven't seen in ten years.

(17) Playing with Max and Cadence

(18) Max calling me "his friend!"

(19) Smores and more gala

(20) Hanging out with my friend EG

(21) Getting an upgrade to a jacuzzi tub suite at the hotel. Thanks Janis and Camp of the Cross.

(22) Hearing Ruben Duran and Keith Zeh at synod event.

(23) Being told that you're missed in the synod you left to come to this synod. Makes me feel loved!!

(24) A 70 degree day

(25) Smoked Butterscotch Frappucino

(26) Looking for Lovely in my mailbox

(27) Playing a board game with some of our youth.

(28) Family SS Friendsgiving

(29) Finishing Love Does

(30) All of you--my dear friends and family


  1. I love smoked butterscotch lattes!!! Hope your Smores and more gala was a wonderful evening. Love you friend!

    1. I knew I was in good company with my love of smoked butterscotch lattes! :) The S'mores and More Gala was indeed a wonderful evening. Love you too friend!


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