Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Blessings 106

(1) A great gathering about the Metigoshe Ministries building campaign; good fellowship and goodies!

(2) Grandma Alvina's cheeseball

(3) Friends who are into Essential Oils and will borrow them to me. Hoping these Essential Oils will heal my cold sore much faster!

(4) Grace

(5) Great text study

(6) A shorter church council meeting

(7) Making it home in time to catch the end of the #chsocm Twitter party!

(8) Confirmation small groups

(9) Awesome FLY Christmas party

(10) Delivering Giving Tree gifts to two local elementary schools.

(11) TS treating me to a Berry White Chocolate from Caribou!! Dessert in a cup!!!

(12) FMF Twitter Party

(13) Running into colleagues at Target.

(14) An email from a fellow blogger wanting to send me a gift for being her comment queen!

(15) Mom's Christmas party

(16) Texting with EG

(17) Texting with CT and getting a phone call from her too!

(18) Watching a Home for the Holidays.

(19) Someone's Christmas gift making it to my house before Christmas!!

(20) Sharing about nativities and showing them pics of my collection at the WELCA Christmas gathering.

(21) Baptisms

(22) An invitation to join one of the baptismal families for supper and enjoying supper with them.

(23) Two sweet hugs from members of FLC.

(24) Listening to KL share about her "Peace not Walls" trip to Israel/Palestine/Jerusalem.

(25) Feeding baby E his bottle during fellowship time this morning.

(26) Winter Solstice concert


  1. these blessings all sound extra-special, and how wonderful to have so many during these shorter, darker days ;)

    1. It was a special week and full of so many great blessings.


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