Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Your Mat Carriers

A poem offering for my friend Laura today.
Sometimes only my words can capture the prayers of my heart.

Your Mat Carriers
(A poem for Laura)
By Tara L. Ulrich

We carry your mat
Through all your days
Holding on with all our might
And wiping away our tears.

We don’t want to let go.
We want you to stay longer.
It doesn’t seem fair
That you need to go.

You’ve been such a gracious gift;
Full of so much joy,
Touching so many lives;
More than you’ll ever known

And so, we your mat carriers,
Continually hold onto your mat
Until the day when Jesus asks us
To simply lay it at his feet.

For on that day,
We know that you will be free;
Free of all that ails you.


  1. Oh my friend... I love this for oh so many reasons! Praying for you... for Laura... for her family! <3

    1. I love it too! And thank you for continuing to pray.

  2. oh, wow, so love-filled!

  3. So moving. Thanks for sharing. I hope you are feeling better. I pray for you. ;)

    1. Mary, I'm feeling all better.

  4. Beautiful, my friend. Beautiful.


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