Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Blessings 70

(1) A nice lazy day

(2) The Liebster Award

(3) Flowers from one of my Confirmation small groups. So sweet!!

(4) A milestone blessing bowl for my house; given to me by a colleague at work.

(5) A member giving me a ride home. Even though it's only a block, she thought it was too cold for me to walk.

(6) A call from my mom letting me know she was in town and getting to have lunch with her.

(7) Making prayer magnets and having only a handful left after Ash Wed services.

(8) Members calling and inviting me to go with them to Heritage Singers variety show tonight.

(9) Heritage Singers Variety Show. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time!!

(10) A surprise package from my friend SM! It's a Line-A-Day 50 Year Journal! I'm so excited to use it!!

(11) Visiting with my friend KG and being at our friend ST's moms funeral.

(12) Dad, Cork and I coming to Minot for the weekend.

(13) Ground Round with my sis, Dad, Cork, and some of Cork's kids and grandkids.

(14) Brunch with Dad, Ann, and Cork

(15) So much fun teaching the little ones at Family SS this morning about the Holy Spirit.

(16) Family Game afternoon at church

(17) A surprise in my office after church. To the gifters, thank you so much!!

(18) Texting with some of my fave people. God has a way of having those texts pop up when either one of us needs a friend. It always amazes me!!


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I think #12 is suppose to say Dad, Cork, and Ann instead of Dad, Cork, and I :)

    1. Ha! I was going to fix it but decided to leave it since you commented! :P

  2. I love this list of so many gifts!!! We have so much to count and be thankful for! Love you, friend! You are among my many gifts!

    1. Thanks! Love you too. And you are among my many gifts too!!!

  3. This is a great exercise remembering all the blessings we have. At church yesterday they asked what did God do for you this week. My first thought was blank, but then as small things came up a flood of things he did for me came rushing in. I don't think you realize how blessed you are until you stop and think about it.

    1. It is such a great exercise. Hard to believe I have been doing this for a year or more now. I think you are right. We don't realize how blessed we are until we truly take the time to stop and think about it.

  4. Love the counting! It is a great way to remember the little things God blesses us with. Oh, I love a lazy day as well..jammies, a book and of course coffee! Thanks for sharing Tara!

    1. :) Thanks for stopping by. And yes lazy days are the best!


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