Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Blessings #61

(1) A fun surprise in my mailbox

(2) Guest posting on a fellow #write31days friends blog about our #oneword365 "gentleness."

(3) A Google Hangout call with youth ministry colleagues

(4) Getting to see the Pacific Northern Holiday Train. So much fun!!

(5) Guest posting and sharing my testimony of faith on another #31days friend's blog.

(6) Christmas gifts from my Confirmation kiddos and other FLC families. I indeed feel loved!!Love them too!!!

(7) FLY Christmas Party. What a blast!!!

(8) Lunch with four amazing woman!! So blessed to have them in my life.

(9) A haircut

(10) A very unexpected Christmas gift. So thankful for all I have received this holiday season.

(11) Talking to my Dad and stepmom on the phone today.

(12) Moms Christmas party at the nursing home. Lots of fun!

(13) Hitting my goal steps of 10000 steps; twice in the same week.

(14) Finishing a little Christmas shopping.

(15) A high five from a parishioner after I preached.

(16) More Christmas goodies and cards.

(17) A member telling me she smiles when I get into the pulpit. Such a sweet compliment!

(18) A great drive home for Christmas break

(19) The youth gathering families helping serve at the Winter Solstice today so I could head home. Thanks everyone! I greatly appreciate it!!!

(20) Watching Forrest Gump with with my Dad


  1. Yay for loved ones, Christmas celebrations and haircuts. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. Yay indeed. My Dad's parents are still alive but are aging so I/we treasure all the time we have with them. Merry Christmas to you too Tobi!

  2. Love that you take the time to write these down. It males a big difference when we intentionally notice the blessings in our day.

    1. It really has become a habit. I have the blogger app on my phone which allows me to keep then written down on my phone. Jo, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds like you're having a lovely week! Congrats on the steps goal twice in a week! It's so difficult when you're traveling and holiday-busy!

    1. It really has been a great week! It really is hard when traveling etc. And of course I forgot my FitBit charger at home! :(


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