Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Blessings 54

(1) Our Diaconal Ministers Gathering in Seattle. Spending time with these dear brothers and sisters is so good for my soul! Love them so much!!!

(2) Walking on the beach with Beth, Anna, and Holly

(3) The retreat center making those of us who were flying out at zero dark thirty a take-out breakfast. Very nice of them to do that.

(4) Holy conversation at our gathering

(5) Checking out downtown Seattle. There wasn't much open but still fun to see where Pikes Place is etc.

(6) Listening to a young mom read books to her child a few seats ahead of me on the airplane. Such a sweet sound to my ears.

(7) KG giving me a ride to the airport on Sun. Thanks friend! And A member picking me up today. Thanks J!

(8) Coming into my office and finding Halloween cookies on my desk from my colleague BG. So yummy!

(9) A thank you card and gift cards from some members. Such a sweet gesture.

(10) Receiving my friend JP's consecration announcement. So excited for her!!!

(11) My first trick or treaters at my house! Thanks for bringing them by RT and CT!

(12) All the trick or treaters I got at my house; only 15 but so much more than I got at my apt in Moorhead.

(13) My friend Mandy's baby shower

(14) Finishing the #write31 days challenge. Posting all 31 days!!

(15) Getting to hold a 5 week old baby for a few minutes this morning

(16) Two little girls who were my shadows for a little bit this morning. So sweet!!

(17) Leading a couple of stations for family SS today. So much fun!!!


  1. I hope you get a chance to explore Seattle during the hustle and bustle. This native Seattleite wishes she was there!

    1. I didn't get much chance to explore Seattle but we did get downtown one day so I did get to see a little. It jus means I will have to go back someday!

  2. Loved the thought of a mother reading to her child on a plane - would that more mothers would do this more plane rides would be pleasant.

    1. I loved that too! It was one of my favorite blessings during the week. And I agree I wish more mothers would read to their children like that too.

  3. I love #14 the bestest!

  4. Congrats on a very successful October! I love your extensive list of blessings. I'm turning my attention to rebuilding my gratitude attitude in November. Your timely post is God's reminder that this is so very important. Thanks!

    1. Liz, glad that my post is a great reminder to you to remember the blessings in your life. Hope your attitude of gratitude is going well this month!


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