Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sunday Blessings 43

(1) A good workout after not getting there at all last week!

(2) Getting to chat with my friend KW online today! So good to talk with her! Miss her!!!

(3) A fun congregational life meeting

(4) Lunch with KG

(5) Being trusted to proof SW's approval essay! My English minor self LOVES proofing!!!

(6) Talking to my dear friend MW on the phone! It's been too long since I've gotten to talk to him!

(7) My friend SMW writing on my FB wall; showing me a tshirt that reminded her of me! Thanks SMW! Totally put a smile on my face!

(8) A great group of people showing up to help clean up the parsonage yard!

(9) Getting to chat a little with PMA and SA! I miss them! PMA was such a great colleague and taught me so much while I was at DLC. Him and SA were soooo good to me!

(10) Being invited out to lunch with some of my church ladies! Thanks for lunch ladies!!

(11) A friend trusting me to proof her paper! I love proofing!!!

(12) A fantastic post liturgical nap

(13) Freshly washed bedding


  1. is SW going for basin-towel or word-sac ministry? very cool about two opps to proof in a single week—see you online!

  2. SW is going for chaplaincy; basin-towel ministry!


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