Friday, April 11, 2014

Leading Up to Easter Friday Five

1. What is your favorite Easter candy? Jelly Beans!! I also really like the malted milk ball eggs! Oh and frosted sugar cookies! :) (Yeah maybe I do have a little bit of a sweet tooth! :P )

2. Do you have an Easter memory from childhood to share, then please do. Or any Easter memory. Dying Easter eggs with my sister.

3. Speaking of, what your most favorite day of the past two weeks been? Why? Today (and last night) have been pretty great! Time with new friends. Starting to feel like this place is home!

4. I am kind of digging’ Chipotle’s sofritos these days (marinated and “shredded” tofu) and have been eating them like twice a week. Is there something new in your life that keeps bringing you back for more? (be ye creative here…) Zumba! I was going pretty consistently and then its been awhile since I have gotten back into a routine. I am finally getting back to routine now and am continuing to go back for more Zumba!

5. Of course, a sentence. Using the following words (or some form thereof): Tree frog, squares, kleenex, eyeglass, lost, daffodil, palms, lamb, Peeps, licorice jelly beans, and donkey

The tree frog wearing an eyeglass and blowing his nose with kleenex saw the lost lamb near the square of daffodil bushs where the donkey was eating licorice jelly beans and Peeps under a palm branch.


  1. So cool you both like and do Zumba! I am definitely impressed. Good play.

  2. Me too...dying Easter eggs. I still do a dozen of them every year.



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