Friday, April 04, 2014

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday Rules: Write for 5 minutes on the word, no editing; 5 minutes uninterrupted. Today's word: Writer

My hands dance across the keyboard and I write words on the page. It has been awhile since I have truly sat down and let the words pour out onto the page. Yes, my job/call allows me to write sermons, etc but it just isnt the same as pouring myself onto the page. Like my friend Anna at GirlWithBlog, there were times in my life when I took pen to paper and wrote in a journal. I honestly cant remember the last time I sat down and wrote words in my journal.

Words have always been so important to me! When I was little, my mom said all she had to do was give me pen and paper and I was a happy camper. Words have always allowed me to share my feelings easier than any other art form. Words have been my form of prayer when my mom was sick or I was struggling with my own life issues or whatever it might be.

Words also are a way for me to escape. I love books and the way writers choose to use words. I hope to someday be an author myself. I have always dreamt of writing a childrens book. I love dreaming about the way my words could dance across a page and capture someones heart and soul.

As I sit here, letting my fingers dance across the keyboard, I am reminded that I too am a writer!


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  1. great idea! I haven't even been able to do more than a couple lenten prompts, but this would be fun and fruitful for anyone (including me, in the future).


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