Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Blessings #23

(1) A Confirmation Small group bringing me a waffle cone on Waffle cone Wednesday!

(2) A surprise piece of mail from DLC---a Confirmation pic of my last Confirmation class at DLC

(3) Seeing a friend and having her ask when we are going to hang out again

(4) That my friends are safe! It totally sucks and is completely overwhelming that they had a furnace fire but so glad they are all safe!!

(5) Great food and conversation with a great friend.

(6) Looking up and seeing the sign for the church I was preaching at today. I thought I was lost. But I came to a stop sign, looked up and there was the sign for the church I was looking for--indeed the Holy Spirit at work

(7) Great morning of worship preaching at a friends church since she was at First Lutheran this am.

(8) An extra hour or so of sleep since I preached at a friends church and worship didn't start until 10:30 am.

(9) Being reminded twice in the same day that I am missed

(10) Oscars night--Curled up on my couch, Cafe Mocha in hand, watching the Oscars

(11) A garage to house my car this winter---so thankful for that!!

(12) A great week that has indeed been blessed

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