Friday, November 01, 2013

Super Power Friday Five

List five super powers that you use in your vocational life. This isn’t bragging. It’s naming the light that shines from your lamp stand.

(1) Being a positive smiley person. At least thats what I have been told. I'm not saying I don't have bad days because I totally do!! When I was in college, a couple of friends nicknamed me "smiley" because they said I always had a smile on my face. It is totally a gift that I have been given by God.

(2) A baby whisperer. Ok I am not really one but I LOVE babies. And I jump at every chance I get to hold a baby or help out a family at church. A couple of years ago at our church dinner I helped out a family, took the baby and rocked him straight to sleep which is exactly what his momma had been trying to do.

(3) Writer/Preacher! I have been a writer ever since I can remember. I also never thought I would preach but I love that my collague lets me preach once a month. Lately I have gotten lots of compliments. Totally all the work of the Holy Spirit and I am glad to partner with the Holy Spirit here.

(4) A Master Packer! Ha! I have had way too much experience packing and helping others pack...through seminary etc. And now I am finding myself in the midst of a transition as I get ready to start a new call. Crazy to think that I actually am a pretty good packer! :P

(5) Self-Care. I really try to take care of myself because it is so important. I try to work out and do Zumba a couple of times a week. I try to eat healthier...which Im not great at...but I keep trying! :) I make sure to carve out time to spend with family and friends!

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