Friday, May 24, 2013

Cat or Dog Friday Five

1. Are you a DOG or a CAT person? Or OTHER? I would say I tend to be more of a CAT person but really I like them both so I guess really I am both a DOG and CAT person!

2. Who were the pets of your
childhood and what were they like? Rocky and Butterfinger were our cats. Rocky was named after Rocky Balboa. My sister named her cat after her favorite candy bar. We also had dogs on the farm...Blacky and many others. After my parents divorced, mom had a cat named Marshmallow. I forgot that my sister got Oreo when she was in Az. All the animals on the calves, etc

3. What pets do you have
now? None

4. Have you ever had any unusual pets in your household or visit
your home? Not that I can think of. Our cats were unusual in that they had an extra toe.

5. What have you learned from your pets? Give one recent
example, if possible. Love

BONUS: Pictures or anything else related to animals
you love.


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