Friday, June 08, 2012

Friday Five Time

1. What religion/faith besides yours captures your curiousity and why? Hmmm...I love being Lutheran. However I always find it interesting to learn about the many different religions out there.

2. What is the first or most memorable pop song you ever learned as a kid? Probably something by the BackStreet Boys, 98 Degrees or N Sync! :P

3. If God were a color.....(finish this sentence creatively)God would be every color in the crayon box. God wouldnt be one specific color!

4. If you were going to make a sandwich right now for lunch, and you magically had all the items you need for it, what would that sandwich be? Totally a BLT! I love this time of year because I love making BLTS with fresh produce!

5. How are you doing? Really, how are you? Im doing well. Getting ready to go on a continuing education trip next week!

Bonus: What are you enjoying/loving right now? Summer weather, spending time with friends and family, grilling, reading outside, etc!


  1. amazing--I've visited all the blogs that have played today so far and I don't know how many BLT's I've read about; such a fave! I have great memories of those 3 bands, too, and probably still have at least 1 CD by each. Have a great time in the Colorado Rockies!

  2. Oh! Summer is so wondrous, and con ed, good for you!

    Thanks for your play!


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