Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fivin'

When have you been late or a no-show? When have you forgotten something or someone?

1. at church? I cannot remember a time when I've been late at church. A few times I've been late for some meetings because I attend a Zumba class that gets over right at 6:30 pm and is usually when the meetings start. I always leave a note to let them know Ill be there as soon as I can! I dont like being late but this is a time when I feel like it is important to my health and staying healthy!

2. at home? Since its just one to be late for! :P

3. at work? See answer 1 since I work at a church! :P

4. with friends? I cannot honestly think of a time when I was late for something with friends! Friends, can you think of a time when I was late?

5. ? where else? Im usually an early bird!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! Cant remember the last time we had a 65 + March day in MN/ND!

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  1. So glad you're having such a lovely day! I usually am an early bird also, except with today's FF! You'd be a good friend, always on time.


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