Friday, January 06, 2012

A-Ha Moments Friday Five

Please tell us - what are five (more or less) of your 'A-ha' moments. Where have you had a moment of clarity?

1. Deciding to go to Wartburg Theological Seminary. I went with a friend to tour campus. The moment I walked onto campus, I knew that God wanted me there. Totally an A-ha moment!

2. Going to work at Camp of the Cross. I didnt think they would hire me but they did. And then they couldnt get rid of me!

3. Starting this blog and continuing my passion of writing. As well as finding a local writing group at the local library.

4. That sometimes you just have to be spontaneous and try new things.

5. Hearing my call to Diaconal Ministry. Im totally not called to "Word and Sacrament" ministry but rather "Word and Service" Ministry!



  1. I had a similar A-Ha the first time I drove up the hill at Andover Newton. :-)

  2. Sometimes you just know. Many blessings on your writing and your ministry!

  3. I felt the same about my seminary too. Great List!

  4. Yep, seminary was an a-ha for lots of us I think!

    I'd love to hear more about your aha about spontaneity!

  5. Ditto what Teri said. I'm a reluctant spontaneiter, if you catch my drift! Nice a'has.

  6. Realizing I actually liked to learn was my seminary 'a-ha'... also that I could. :)

    These are great. Thank you so much for playing!


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