Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Tidbits

Confirmation tonight was fun! I used the smell of popcorn popping to talk about the 4th petition to the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread." Then I had them engage in caring conversation, "Is it harder or easier to pray for food etc when you can smell it, see it, etc or when you cant? So fun to watch our mentors/mentees engage and talk to each other. I love that its about teaching them and helping them take faith home!

So many of my friends are having babies! So excited for them. My colleague became a new grandpa last night....their first granddaughter. So precious! What a gift from God!
As many of you my faithful readers know, Im constantly thinking and reflecting on my singleness. Im so ready to find my Mr. Right etc. And as I am at the time in my life when I am so ready and yearn so deeply for these things, I find myself realizing how much harder it is. I am trying to be patient and trust in God but that is so much easier said than done especially when friends are announcing their engagement or talking about their new child. I honestly am so excited for them but find myself holding back some because it is something I yearn so deeply for. Will I ever walk down the aisle? Will I ever be a mom and hold my precious child in my arms? And then I find myself thinking about what if it doesnt happen, then maybe I could adopt etc. I honestly can say I haven't really thought about that but it is something that has popped into my mind more recently.

So thankful and blessed for the awesome friends and family in my life. I wish I could see more of you more often. Tonight a friend posted about his approval language. I remember so well that day and am so thankful for the people that walked with me etc. I am humbled by what you/they have taught me. You have blessed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine!

Well thats the end of this Wednesday tidbits post. Goodnight friends and faithful readers!!

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