Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Something really struck me tonight...As I was perusing my Facebook page, I found yet another friend who is engaged and got engaged in the last week or so. Now dont get me wrong, I am so 100 percent happy for them! However I still find myself yearning, wondering, and yearning some more to find my Mr. Right. Two of these friends found their spouses at seminary, I find myself asking the question "Why didnt it happen for me there?" I know that is a silly question to ask but its honest! I know that I am not the only one who wonders and yearns for this type of relationship either. I am thankful that my good friend L still is single! But why isn't it happening for me? I know and trust in God. However at the age of 33, my biological clock continues to tick. I love spending time with children and hope to have mine someday but what if that doesn't happen for me? I have so many friends who tell me that they are praying for someone to come into my life to bless me and I trust in their prayers and God's promises. Yet it's still so easy to yearn for what so many of my friends have; to yearn for that one thing that I deeply desire more than anything in the world. So today I am choosing to continue to trust, to continue to believe that it will happen at some point at point, to continue to be a blessing to others and in return hopefully to be blessed by someone else and eventually find the man God has in store for me!

And so I am going to leave you with the blessings in my life from the last several days:
+ Waking up to a little one saying "Mom, the ding ding woke me up." I seriously was laying in my bed in the other room laughing and with a smile on my face
+ Spending time with wonderful colleagues in ministry
+ Having a member of the church leave me a beautiful message on FB
+ Playing the card game "Unpredictable"
+ A Child's laugh
+ The return of fall and all my fave shows

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I too am thankful for the return of fall television shows with new episodes. I am also thankful for you!


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