Friday, August 22, 2008

Yet Another Friday Five!

1) Datebooks--how do you keep track of your appointments? Electronically? On paper? Month at a glance? Week at a glance? I usually keep track of them in my planner and on a calendar that hangs on the wall of my office. I usually try to plan at least a month ahead.

2) When was the last time you forgot an important date? I actually cannot think of the last important date that I have forgotten.

3) When was the last time you went OUT on a date? Never in my life. Yeah thats right and I am so ready to find Mr. Right!

4) Name one accessory or item of clothing you love even though it is dated.Probably my fave pair of dress pants.

5) Dates--the fruit--can't live with 'em? Or can't live without 'em? I actually could go either way with this fruit.


  1. You played! How fun! But I hardly can believe you've never gone out on a formal date... I just noticed your previous recipes/meal plans and will try to post or send or blog a few.

  2. Are the dress pants by any chance pleated?

  3. In Israel/Palestine, our guide said that there is a saying, "5 dates a day and all day you can play" or something like that. They're supposed to give you energy, but I'll pass. Blech. :)


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