Thursday, August 02, 2007

Life is Good

First off today my prayers are with the people of Minneapolis/St Paul that have been affected by the bridge tragedy. Secondly, I am in my new office. Life is good. I have a new apt and am finally feeling settled. Ill tell you all once I get my computer going at home. And to close, hope those of you taking Summer Greek arent feeling too overwhelmed and too Greek...LOL! Enjoy your day. God bless!


  1. Hey T. Do you think you could link to my blog somewhere on your blog? is the address, as you well know. Thanks!

    Also, I'm shufflling links around on my blog, and since you update your blog more than SOME people *cough*Tracey*cough*, you'll be more towards the top of the list now.

  2. Hey! Good to hear you're getting settled in! Thanks for thinking of us poor Greek students. I think I'm permanently stuck on face 4! Ha! Anyway, see ya.

  3. Glad you're all settled in. Blessings to you on beginning your new call!



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